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Avoid accidental overwriting when pasting


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Avoid accidental overwriting when pasting

Have you ever accidentally pasted a block of cells over data when you really wanted to insert the copied cells instead? One way to avoid that problem is to insert a number of blank rows or columns before you start copying and pasting, but if you insert too few rows or columns, you may still destroy existing data. Excel 2000 provides a sure-fire way to avoid overwriting data when you copy and paste.

Follow these steps:

1. Select your cells, and press [Ctrl]C (or go to Edit | Copy) to copy those cells to the clipboard.

2. Click the first cell where you want to paste the data, and press [Ctrl][shift][+].

3. On the Insert Paste dialog box, click the radio button to select which way you want Excel to shift the existing cells.

4. Click OK to complete the copy.

With this process, Excel automatically makes room for the data you're pasting and existing data is untouched.

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