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Auto Shaping key values


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Auto Shaping key values

If you want to make a particular word, phrase, or calculated value stand out onscreen and in your printouts, try displaying it within an AutoShape object. With AutoShape, you won't have to manually update this object every time the data changes.

Here's how it works:

1. Display the Drawing toolbar by going to Insert | Picture | AutoShapes, or by going to View | Toolbars and choosing Drawing.

2. When the Drawing toolbar appears, click on AutoShapes and select one of the available shapes.

3. In the worksheet, click-and-drag to draw the object.

4. With the AutoShapes object still selected, click in the Formula bar and type a reference to the cell that contains the value you want to display. Use the form =cellref. For example, if the value or string you want to display is in A1, you'd type =A1 in the formula bar, and press [Enter].

5. When you press [Enter], Excel displays the contents of your cell (e.g., A1) within the AutoShapes drawing.

To fine-tune the way the data looks in AutoShape, double-click on the drawing to display the Format AutoShape dialog box. Use this box to adjust font, color, and other formatting options.

Note: You can only enter references to single cells in the Formula Bar; complex formulas are not allowed. That is, while you can enter =A1 in the Formula Bar with the AutoShape drawing selected, if you enter =A1*10, you will receive an error stating: The text you entered is not a valid name reference or defined name. If you enter a range name associated with more than one cell, the AutoShapes drawing will only display the value from the first cell in that range.

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