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Auditing errors


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Auditing errors

No one likes to see an error message show up in his or her Excel sheets. The presence of an error message means that somehow, somewhere, a typographical error has been made in a formula, or a piece of information is either missing or incorrect.

If you composed the formula that's returning an error, you may not have much trouble determining where the problem is. However, if you're working on someone else's worksheet, try using the Auditing tools to discover what's causing the error.

Just click on the cell that contains the error message and then go to Tools | Auditing | Trace Error. When you do, Excel will draw an arrow to the cell that contains the error, from every cell that the formula references. Then you can tell at a glance which cells you need to audit to confirm that they contain the right kind of information.

After you've audited the problem, remove the arrows by going to Tools | Auditing | Remove All Arrows.

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