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Changing directions


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Changing directions

The default behavior of the [Enter] key drives some Excel users crazy. When pressing [Enter], some users prefer the cursor to move to the next cell on the right, while other users prefer the cursor to move down. Fortunately, Excel can accommodate these preference and more.

To change the way Excel reacts after [Enter] is pressed:

1. Go to Tools | Options and select the Edit tab.

2. Click the Move Selection After Enter checkbox to activate the Direction drop-down list.

3. In the drop-down list, select from the options Down, Right, Up, or Left. If you prefer that the cursor stay in the current cell when [Enter] is pressed, deactivate the check box for the Move Selection After Enter option.

After you've changed the way Excel reacts after [Enter] is pressed, this change remains in effect for all new and existing workbooks.

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