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Deconstruct range names


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Deconstruct range names

Naming a selected cell or block of cells is handy because then you don't have to remember the cell address when you want to refer to the range in a formula.

However, there are times when you may need to determine a range name's address. For those times, Excel offers several ways to determine the cells to which a range name refers.

• Press [Ctrl]G, enter the range name, and press [Enter]. Then manually inspect where Excel moved the cursor.

• Go to Insert | Name | Define, and click the range name. Excel displays the addresses of the cells currently associated with that name.

• Enter =CELL("row",<rangename>), replacing <rangename> with the name you want to deconstruct. This function returns the row number of the named range. If the range spans two or more rows, the function returns the topmost row number. Use =CELL("col",<rangename>) to determine the range address' column component. If the named range spans two or more columns, the function returns the leftmost column. Note that this function returns the column number, not the letter.

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