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Customizing panes


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Customizing panes

When you're reviewing a workbook packed with data, maximize your reviewing time by minimizing the time you spend navigating between different locations in the sheet. Excel provides a couple of ways to create split-screen, simultaneous views of large workbooks.

The first trick most Excel users master is how to freeze column and/or row headings in place. For instance, say you entered column labels in row 1 and you want those labels to remain visible when you navigate down to row 100. To do so, put the cursor in cell A2 and go to Window | Freeze Panes. Now row 1 will stay visible when you scroll down to row 100, even though the rest of the rows above 100 scroll out of view.

When you issued the Freeze Panes command with the cursor in cell A2, the row above that cell became a one-row pane. Now, go to Window | Unfreeze Panes to undo the previous freeze setting, then put the cursor in cell B3 and go to Window | Freeze Panes. This action freezes the values in column A and in rows 1 and 2, creating both horizontal and vertical panes. To again restore normal navigation, go to Windows | Unfreeze Panes.

You can also view different areas of your sheet simultaneously by dragging the Split Boxes onto the sheet. If there are no currently frozen panes on the sheet, you'll see one Split Box at the top of the sheet's vertical scroll bar and another Split Box adjacent to the horizontal scroll bar. Just drag a Split Box onto the sheet wherever you want the split to occur. Double-click on the split lines to remove them.

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