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Custom print ranges


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Custom print ranges

When you design a spreadsheet to solve a business problem, you typically ask your end users what they want to be able to print. Then, with their input from this question, you do your best to design a sheet so that the standard report is one contiguous print range.

But there are situations where this will not be possible and you may, instead, have to create individual references to cells located in the far corners of your spreadsheet, far from the core print range. However, creating those references can be painstaking work. Fortunately there's an easier way.

Customize your print ranges by creating a dynamic snapshot of any given range and placing that snapshot where you want it to appear in your print range.

1. Go to the remote location and select the cells you want to photograph, and then go to Edit | Copy or press [Ctrl]C.

2. Click the area in the print range where you want the photograph to appear.

3. Press and hold the [shift] key while you click Edit.

4. You'll see an option you don't normally see when you open the Edit menu: Paste Picture Link. Choose this option.

When you do, Excel will display an image of the range you copied. The best part is that the picture link range will automatically reflect any changes made in the source cells (i.e., the cells you originally copied).

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