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Create range names fast


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Create range names fast

Experienced Excel users know the value of naming ranges and using those range names in formulas. For starters, range names make formulas easier to read, and they're easier to remember than a particular range of cells. For instance, suppose you have a column in C1 labeled Amount, with values in cells C2:C99. In cell C100, you want to insert a formula that sums all of the values in C2:C99.

To make it easier to refer to those cells, assign the name Amount to the range C2:C99. Here's an easy way to assign that name:

1. Select the cells, including the cell that contains the label "Amount," from C1:C99.

2. Go to Insert | Name | Create to open the Create Names dialog box.

3. Select the Top Row check box and click OK.

Excel will use the entry in the top row of the selected range as the name for the rest of the cells in the selection.

Here are two ways to confirm that the name took: Press [Ctrl]G, type Amount under Reference in the Go To dialog box, and press [Enter]. Excel will select the range of cells named Amount. Or enter the expression =SUM(Amount) anywhere in your sheet, and Excel will calculate the sum of the cells named by that range.

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