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Create cross sheet references


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Create cross sheet references

How to refer to cells within the same worksheet is one of the first lessons beginning Excel 2000 users learn. For instance, if you need to create a dynamic copy of the contents of any given source cell, type a plus sign [+] followed by the cell reference (e.g., to create a mirror copy of the contents in B10, you'd enter +B10 in any other cell).

What baffles some users, though, is how to create a mirror copy of a cell that resides in a different sheet within the same workbook. Once you master the syntax, creating a reference to a cell in another worksheet is easy. A cross-sheet reference consists of three pieces: the sheet name, an exclamation point [!], and the cell reference. So, if you want to display the contents of A4 from Sheet1 in a cell in Sheet3, type =Sheet1!A4 and press [Enter].

If you change the name of the worksheet (double-click the worksheet tab and type a new name), Excel automatically updates existing references to the old sheet name. To create new references to cells in the renamed sheet, you'll need to use the new name.

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