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Copying setups


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Copying setups

Here's a timesaving tip that can come in handy when your workbook contains multiple sheets and you want to make each sheet's print attributes the same.

For instance, suppose you've set your first sheet to print in landscape mode, with a two-inch top margin and a custom header and footer. You want to ensure that the other sheets in your workbook also have these attributes. Save time by copying those page setup options from one sheet to the other sheets in your workbook:

1. Go to File | Page Setup in the first sheet and make your changes to the print settings.

2. With the first sheet still active, hold down the [Ctrl] button and click on the tabs for the other sheets that you want to format.

3. When you do, Excel will white out the backgrounds of those tabs, like it does for the first tab you selected, except that the sheet names will appear as normal text while the name of the first sheet you selected and formatted will appear as bold text.

4. Go to File | Page Setup to display the Page Setup dialog box, and click OK.

Now when you activate one of the other sheets and go to File | Page Setup, you'll see that Excel has copied the settings for the Page, Margins, and Header/Footer tabs from the first sheet to each of the other sheets you selected.

Note: The only settings that Excel won't copy are the ones related to Rows To Repeat At Top and Columns To Repeat At Left. You'll have to manually tweak those settings.

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