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Convert to Roman numerals


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Convert to Roman numerals

If you're looking for a way to make your spreadsheet stand out, try outlining the contents of your worksheet with Roman numerals instead of Arabic numerals. You don't have to manually type the Roman numerals to do this; the ROMAN function does it automatically.

In its simplest form, the ROMAN function takes the form =Roman(cellref). For instance, if A1 contains the number 29, =Roman(A1) returns XXIX.

If you've already numbered the sections in your worksheet, just insert a new column and copy the formula beside each of the numbers you want to convert. Once you've generated the Roman numerals, hide the column that contains the Arabic numerals by selecting it and going to Format | Column | Hide. By the way, if you supply a negative value to the ROMAN function, it returns the #VALUE! error message.

By default, the ROMAN function returns classic Roman numerals, which work well for basic outlines. However, if you need to format extremely large values as Roman numerals, you may want to consider using a simplified or more concise version of Roman numerals.

To use the simplified versions, call the ROMAN function in the form =Roman(cellref,<version_number>), where <version_number> is 1, 2, 3, or 4. Those options tell Excel to display progressively more concise versions of the Roman numerals.

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