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Convert European currencies to Euros


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Convert European currencies to Euros

You can use Excel 2002's Euro Currency Tools to convert worksheet values or formulas from their former European currency value to their Euro equivalent. To use these tools, first add the Euro Conversion command to the Tools menu. Go to Tools | Add-Ins, select the Euro Currency Tools check box under the Add-Ins Available box, and click OK.

If the add-in has been installed, Excel will add the Euro Conversion command to the Tools menu. If it hasn't been installed, Excel will ask you to install it. Once installed, return to the Add-Ins dialog box, and repeat the above procedure to load the program.

Follow these steps to convert currency values to Euros:

1. Go to Tools | Euro Conversion, or click the Euro Conversion button in the Standard toolbar.

2. Under Data To Euro Convert, click the Source Range text box, and select the cells in the worksheet that you want to convert.

3. Click the Destination Range text box, and select the upper left cell of the range where you want Excel to paste the converted values. (Note: The destination range must be located outside the source range.)

4. Under Currency Conversion, select the currency of the values in the Source Range from the From drop-down list.

5. Select EUR--Euro from the To drop-down list.

6. Select the Output format, and click OK.

The Euro equivalents are now displayed in the destination range. If you need to convert Euros to their former European equivalents, follow the same procedure, but select EUR--Euro in Step 4, and select the currency to which you want to convert in Step 5.

If you don't see the Euro Conversion command on the Tools menu or the feature doesn't work as expected, refer to the Troubleshoot Euro Currency Conversion item in the Help file.

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