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Compare values in text fields using DCOUNTA


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Compare values in text fields using DCOUNTA

Excel's DCOUNTA function finds and counts the number of records that meet specific criteria, such as how many employees were hired before Jan. 1, 2000, or how many customers live within the 08053 ZIP code.

For example, to find out how many people in an employee spreadsheet live in the state of New York, follow these steps:

1. Insert two blank rows above the range, and copy and paste the column headings into the first blank row.

2. In the second blank row, enter New York in the cell under the State field.

3. In another cell outside the criteria range, enter =DCOUNTA(

4. Type the range or named range. For example, if the range is named Employees, enter that name as the first argument to the formula: =DCOUNTA(Employees,

5. Type the field name that you want counted. For example, if you want to count the number of records that have an entry in the Last_name field and whose City field contains the text "New York," enter: =DCOUNTA(Employees,"Last Name",

6. To complete the formula, enter the criteria range, which in this example is A1:L2, and press [Enter]: =DCOUNTA(Employees,"Last Name",A1:L2)

The total number of employees living in New York will be displayed.

Now that the criteria range has been set, you can use DCOUNTA for other ad hoc reporting functions; just enter different criteria.

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