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Instant totals


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Instant totals

Excel provides three tools that make it easy to determine the sum of the values entered in a range of cells: You can use a toolbar icon or a keyboard shortcut to display the sum in the worksheet. To calculate a total on the fly, you can use the status bar.

Most users are familiar with using the Standard toolbar's AutoSum tool. Click on a blank cell beside, below, or above a range of cells that contain values, then click on AutoSum; Excel will enter a SUM function and take its best guess as to the range you want to sum.

You can extend the range by pressing [shift] and then either the Left or Right arrow key. To restart the range, press either the Left or Right arrow key to move to the first cell, then press [shift] and select the cells you want to sum. Press [Enter] to complete the formula.

The second way to generate an instant total is to put your cursor in the cell where you want the total to appear and press [Alt]=. Excel will enter a SUM function, and you can fine-tune the range the same way you do with the AutoSum tool.

Finally, if you want to see the total of a range of cells without entering a formula into the worksheet, you can use the Status bar. With this approach, you can select blocks of cells that aren't contiguous to one another by holding down the [Ctrl] key while you select the cells you want to sum. Next, right-click on the Status bar and select the Sum option; Excel will display the sum of the values in the selected cells there.

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