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Highlight the Current Row


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Highlight the Current Row

How can I make Excel highlight the entire row containing the cell I click on, so I can always clearly see which is the current row?

There's no such feature built into Excel, but you can achieve the desired result using a macro. Two Microsoft Knowledge Base articles on the topic, Q172515 and Q213193, for Excel 97 and 2000, respectively, give the procedure to follow and the code for making the active row bold. The instructions in either article work with Excel 2002.

You'll need to create the macro for each sheet you wish to use it with. Be aware that because the macro uses the SelectionChange event, some features will be disabled on your sheet—Copy, for example. Also note that closing the file does not remove the highlighting. You can overcome this by clicking on the bolded row when you reopen the file.

You can adapt the macro to highlight the current column or both the row and the column. You can also modify the macro to use italics in place of bold. Do this if your worksheet includes any bold formatting that will be undone by the macro.

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