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Format a Row Based On One Cells Value


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Format a Row Based On One Cells Value

To base of row of attributes on a cell's value, use the conditional formatting feature. Suppose you have a range of cells starting at A1, and you want all cells in a row to be red if the value in column B is over 90. Select cell A1, and choose Conditional Formatting from the Format menu. Set the condition to Formula Is, and enter =$B1>90. Click the Format... button, set the font color to red, and click OK, OK. With A1 still selected, click the Format Painter button on the toolbar, then select the entire range. The $ character preceding the column address in the formula marks it as absolute, so each cell's formatting will be based on the cell in column B in the same row. (Note: although you can specify up to three conditions for conditional formatting, the first condition that evaluates to TRUE will control the formatting.)

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