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Faster formatting


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Faster formatting

If you have access to a color printer, don't scrimp on formatting your Excel printouts. The right combination of shaded cells and color fonts can turn a plain, boring printout into an eye-catching report that will make an impression on your audience.

If you think applying custom formatting to your print range is too much trouble, try using one of Excel's built-in AutoFormat options. Select the range you want to format, then go to Format | AutoFormat. When the AutoFormat dialog box appears, scroll through the templates, select one you like, and click OK. When you do, Excel will instantly format the selected range. If you decide later that you don't like the formatting, select the range again and apply a different AutoFormat template.

There are a couple of ways to remove the AutoFormat attributes. You can select the original range and go to Format | AutoFormat, select the None option at the bottom of the list, and click OK. Alternately, you can click on any unformatted cell, click the Standard toolbar's Format Painter to pick up the plain formatting, and then click-and-drag over your print range to remove the existing formatting.

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