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Faster finds


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Faster finds

When you're trying to locate a particular value or character string in a worksheet that's chock-full of data, the last thing you want to do is conduct your search manually. You can locate information more efficiently with the Find dialog box ([Ctrl]F). To use the Find feature, enter the value or text you want to locate into the Find What field, then click OK or press [Enter]. Keep clicking OK or pressing [Enter] until you locate what you're looking for.

The Find dialog box offers some useful options that control the way Excel looks for data, and it makes your search more focused:

Search lets you decide whether to search by rows (across and then down) or by columns (down and then across).

Look In lets you restrict the search to formulas, values, or comments.

Match Case instructs Excel to search for uppercase or lowercase letters in a text string.

Find Entire Cells Only tells Excel to find cells that contain a specific string and no other text.

If your sheet contains multiple instances of the string or value in your search, you could click OK or press [Enter] dozens of times before you find the right cell. To make your searches even faster, select a range of cells before you press [Ctrl]F. If you're only interested in matching values that appear in column D, click that column label to select all of the cells in that column, and then press [Ctrl]F. Excel will search only the selected cells.

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