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Display dollars

When you're crunching numbers and printing reports, you try to squeeze as much information as possible onto the printed page. To save room, you can sometimes omit the currency symbol and commas normally associated with formatting numbers as U.S. dollars. After all, you can always use the Formatting toolbar's Currency Style button to format a range of numbers on an as-needed basis.

However, if you're creating a report that must display values as currency, no matter what formatting might later be applied to a range, try the DOLLAR function, which takes the form =DOLLAR(cellref,dec_num).

With this function, you replace <cellref> with a number, formula, or cell that returns the value you want to display as dollars. Replace <dec_num> with the number of decimal places you want. Excel will round to that number of decimals, if necessary.

If you omit the <dec_num> argument, Excel will use a default of two decimals. The result of the DOLLAR function is a text string formatted as currency. Because the result is a text string, you cannot alter it by going to Format | Cells and trying to apply a new number format via the Format Cells dialog box.

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