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Keep a cleaner desktop when multitasking


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Keep a cleaner desktop when multitasking

Are you one of the many busy Excel 2000 users who frequently have two, three, or more workbooks open at once? If so, you know that kind of multitasking can create a lot of screen clutter. In the Windows taskbar, you'll have an icon for each open workbook. Within the Excel window, you can navigate between workbooks by pressing [Ctrl][F6] or by opening the Window menu and selecting a workbook from the list of open files.

Excel offers an option that can help you avoid screen clutter while keeping as many workbooks open as you like. To try it out, open three or four workbooks, and go to Window | Hide. When you do, Excel erases all traces of the current workbook from your screen. The workbook is still open, but you can't see it.

To make a hidden workbook visible again, go to Window | Unhide, and you'll see a list of the hidden workbooks. Select the workbook name that you want to display, and click OK.

Don't worry about forgetting that you have a workbook open. If you close Excel while a workbook is hidden and you haven't saved your changes, Excel asks if you want to save the changes to any unsaved workbooks.

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