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Preventive measures


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Preventive measures

If you're a "keyboard person," you probably do all of your copy-and-paste and cut-and-paste using keyboard shortcuts [Ctrl]C to copy, [Ctrl]X to cut, and [Ctrl]V to paste. When you use those shortcuts, Excel assumes you know what you're doing and obediently pastes what you've copied or cut, whether or not the destination cell(s) already contain data.

If you're a "mouse person," you probably use drag-and-drop to move a cell or a range of cells to a new location. With drag-and-drop, Excel has a measure in place for preventing accidental data overwrite in destination cells.

You can tell Excel to prompt you any time you attempt to drag-and-drop data onto a cell that already contains data. To activate this prompt go to Tools | Options | Edit, and click the check box for the Alert Before Overwriting Cells option.

Now when you try to drag-and-drop onto a cell that already contains data, Excel will display an alert that says, Do you want to replace the contents of the destination cells? If you're not sure, you can click Cancel and double-check the destination.

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