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Precision connections


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Precision connections

Excel's Drawing toolbar provides tools to help you create professional-looking diagrams for your systems or processes, similar to the tools available in Microsoft Visio. Specifically, the Connectors section of the AutoShapes objects provides smart lines for drawing lines and arrows between objects.

1. Place the graphic images you need for your diagram into your worksheet. You can copy and paste them into your sheet or insert them via Insert | Picture | From File.

2. To illustrate the path between those objects, go to View | Toolbars, and choose Drawing. Then click on AutoShapes and choose Connectors.

3. Click on any of the connector line styles and Excel's cursor will change to a cross. When you mouse over a graphic image, blue dots will appear over the connection points for each object.

4. Click on or near those connection points and Excel will attach the connector line to the object at the nearest point. Then drag the mouse to the object you want to join with the first object, and click on or near that object's connection.

Now you can move either the objects or the lines to fine-tune their positions, and they'll stay connected.

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