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Point to value thresholds in a cell


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Point to value thresholds in a cell

You can use conditional formatting to alert you to significant changes in cell values. For example, in a worksheet that tracks students' grades, conditional formatting can draw attention to quiz averages that have fallen below a passing grade of 60 percent.

To apply conditional formatting so average values below 60 percent are displayed in red, follow these steps:

1. Select the cells you want to format.

2. Go to Format | Conditional Formatting.

3. Under Condition, choose Cell Value Is.

4. Select Less Than from the first drop-down list, and enter 60% in the text box.

5. Click Format and change the font color to red.

6. Click OK twice.

When you return to the spreadsheet, all averages below 60 percent will be displayed in red. As future grades are entered, the format of the cells with the students' average grade will change accordingly. You can apply other conditional formatting rules by clicking Add in the Conditional Formatting dialog box.

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