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Paint empty cells


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Paint empty cells

Before you print or e-mail that all-important spreadsheet you've been working on for weeks, here's one more step for your proofreading phase: Check for empty cells that shouldn't be empty. After all, sometimes an important constant or formula can be deleted, and the result of the deletion on your calculations may not be immediately obvious.

Here's a quick way to find empty cells. Select the range you want to check for empty cells, then select Edit | Go To. When the Go To dialog box appears, click Special; on the resulting menu, click the Blanks option and click OK. Excel will select any blank cells within the selected range.

Now it's time to temporarily paint those blank cells to make them easy to spot. With the blanks still selected, click the Formatting toolbar's Fill Color tool to apply a color to the selected cells. Now you can browse your sheet looking for highlighted cells and fix any that need entries. After you finish your proofreading, remove the highlighting by selecting the range again, and then selecting the Fill Color tool's No Fill option.

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