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Obtain Stock Quotes with Excel


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Obtain Stock Quotes with Excel

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I set up to keep track of my stock portfolio. Given a stock symbol in a cell, is there an easy way for Excel to retrieve the current stock price via a macro or some other option?

In Excel 2002, there are several different ways to get the information you want. Check to make sure you have Smart Tags enabled, then select AutoCorrect Options... from the Tools menu and click on the Smart Tags tab. Once this feature is enabled, a smart tag will appear when you point your mouse cursor at a cell containing the stock symbol. Clicking on the tag's down arrow will present a menu of options. You can choose Insert refreshable stock price.... to put the information into a worksheet or just choose Stock quote on MSN Money to display current information in your browser.

If you locate the stock information you want on a Web page, you can import it directly into Excel. Choose Data | Import External Data | New Web Query... from the menu and enter the URL (for example, http://moneycentral.msn.com/scripts/webquo...qd&Symbol=BORL). The Web Query window will display the page with small arrow icons marking the page elements you can import. Click on the arrows for the desired elements, which will then change to check marks. Now click on the Import button to bring those elements into your spreadsheet. You can click on the Refresh Data button in the External Data toolbar at any time to update the information.

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