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Move to the Last Cell


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Move to the Last Cell

You can quickly move to the last cell in a contiguous block of blank or non-blank cells without leaving the current cell. You simply double-click the current cell's border; the border you choose will determine the direction of the move. For instance, if you're in the middle of a large block of data and you want to move to the top cell within that block of data, simply double-click the top border of the current cell. You'll know you're in the right place to double-click because the cursor will change to a four-headed arrow. If you want to move to the last cell to the right within that same block of data, double-click the current cell's right border. The same is true when moving to the left or down. Double-click the left or the bottom border of the current cell, respectively.

You can get a similar effect by holding Ctrl while pressing an arrow key. If the adjacent cell in the selected direction contains data, you'll move to the last non-blank cell in that direction. If not, you'll move to the next non-blank cell in that direction.

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