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Make a Default Custom Footer in Excel


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Make a Default Custom Footer in Excel

You can get your footer to become a default by adding the desired footer to the default workbook template. In Excel 2002, the default template is typically found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\XLStart (for other versions, look up template in the Help system). Open the file Book.xlt if it is present in that folder. If not, create a new file, select Save As from the File menu, choose Templates (*.xlt) from the Save as type list, and save your new blank file as Book.xlt.

One way or the other, you now have Book.xlt open for editing. Create your standard custom footer, save the template, and close it. Book.xlt is the default template for new workbooks, so each time you create a new workbook your custom footer will be selected by default. For the other 20 percent of your spreadsheets, simply choose a different footer or none at all.

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