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Lightning selections


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Lightning selections

If you're always looking for ways to perform routine tasks as quickly as possible, here are some sure-to-please shortcuts for selecting cells. These tips are especially helpful when you're copying or cutting data for pasting elsewhere.

• Two ways to select a single column: Click anywhere in the column and press [Ctrl][spacebar]. Or click on the column heading at the top of the sheet.

• Two ways to select more than one column: Click anywhere in the first column you want to select, press [shift], and then select a cell in at least one adjacent column and press [Ctrl][spacebar]. When you do, Excel will select the original column plus any additional columns in which you selected a cell. You can also click on the first column label and drag the mouse to select additional columns.

• Two ways to select a single row: Click on any cell in a row, then press [shift][spacebar]. Alternatively, click on the row heading.

• Two ways to select more than one row: Click on a cell in the first row you want to select, then press [shift] and use the Up Arrow key or Down Arrow key to select cells in additional rows; then press [shift][spacebar]. Or you can click on a row label and drag to select additional rows.

• To select the entire sheet: Press [Ctrl]A.

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