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Hello, I'm the Administrator of the WOT Discussion Board ( http://www.cosypod.co.uk ).

We have had a 'visitor' to Our Board hacking into it on at least two recent occasions.

However, on checking through the Board and Members stats, I have found that there is one 'peculiar' Member called RUssoEnt.

Now, this might not seem unusual in itself but the following is interesting information about them:-

1. Somehow or another, they created their membership using a 'local' IP address.

2. They have yet to make a post on the WOT Board

3. This Member has 'about' 28,600 entries within a Google worldwide search, and by the look of it, mainly messageboards such as this one, with either one post, or none the same as on Our Board.

Therefore, I ask that you check your records and Members, and that we can collate the IP's and as much information about this person as possible, because currently, the WOT Discussion Board is again, under sustained ' attack'.

Please come to www.cosypod.co.uk as soon as you have any information on this Member.


Colin - WotUser

Admin of WOT Discussion Board

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Yeah, we have a member with that handle.

One post that was basically totally ignored because of the SPAM nature of the post.

No biggie!

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Unfortunately, It is COD's policy to not release any information about any member for any reason, unless Subpoenaed.

I am sorry we can't help you with that information.

If there is anything we can do to help outside of providing you with member information, just let us know!

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