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Create home directories for FTP users


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Create home directories for FTP users

By default, all Windows XP users that connect to your FTP server have access only to the FTP root folder and its subfolders. This folder is physically located in the Inetpub\ftproot folder on the FTP server.

To give these users access to other folders, you have to make them available by creating virtual directories. You can place a virtual directory anywhere on your server or another server on your network. Here's how:

1. Open Internet Information Services in the Administrative Tools folder.

2. Right-click Default FTP Site, select New | Virtual Directory, and then click Next.

3. Type the alias you want to assign to this virtual folder and click Next.

4. Specify the physical path to the folder you want to make available to the FTP user and click Next.

Users can now access their virtual folders by typing cd "alias_name" on the FTP root.

If a user connects to the FTP server with his or her own username and password, you can make the server display his or her home folder as the root. When he or she connects to the server, the user will automatically be placed in the folder you define.

To achieve this, make the alias name of the virtual folder the same as the user's username. If users are able to store files in their home folders, you may also want to provide them with Write access permission.

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