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Download the GUI IP configuration utility


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Download the GUI IP configuration utility

Do you support both Windows 9x and Windows XP on your network? If so, you know that each OS offers a utility that quickly retrieves diagnostic information about your system's TCP/IP network configuration.

Win9x offers a GUI IP configuration utility called Winipcfg, from which you can perform a number of IP-related operations. However, XP's IPConfig utility is a command-line tool, so you have to type a separate command for each IP operation that you want to perform.

XP also ships with a GUI status display that allows you to view and repair TCP/IP connectivity. This is located in the Support tab of the Local Area Connection dialog box.

If you're looking for a separate GUI-based IP configuration utility for XP, check out Wntipcfg.exe. This utility, originally created for the Windows NT 4 Resource Kit and also packaged in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit, works just fine in XP. Wntipcfg.exe is sufficient in most circumstances, but you may still need to use IPConfig for intricate troubleshooting operations.

Simply download the Wntipcfg.exe as a self-installing executable file from the Free Tool Downloads section of the Windows 2000 Resource Kits Web page.

After you install the utility, you'll need to create a shortcut to its executable file. Here's how:

1. Right-click the desktop and select New | Shortcut.

2. Click the Browse button in the Create Shortcut wizard.

3. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Resource Kit folder.

4. Select Wntipcfg.exe and click OK.

When you complete the Create Shortcut wizard, you'll find a handy shortcut on your desktop, which you can move to an appropriate location on the Start menu.

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