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Don't forget the Forgotten Password Wizard


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Don't forget the Forgotten Password Wizard

Windows XP's Forgotten Password Wizard helps create a Password Reset Disk that you can use to gain access to your computer if you forget your password.

There are different steps, depending on your computer's connection to the network and the type of account you have. For example, follow these steps if your computer is on a workgroup and you have an administrator account:

1. Open Control Panel and the User Accounts tool.

2. Click your account.

3. Within Related Tasks, select Prevent A Forgotten Password.

4. Follow the instructions provided by the wizard.

If you have a limited account, simply skip step 2 in the instructions above.

If your computer is on a domain, perform these steps:

1. Log off.

2. Press [Ctrl][Alt][Delete].

3. Click Change Password.

4. Select the local computer in the Change Password dialog box.

5. Click Backup.

6. Follow the instructions provided by the wizard.

When you log in to this computer that's on a domain and receive a Logon Failed error message, just click the Reset button to launch the Password Reset Wizard. If this computer is on a workgroup, you'll see the message Did You Forget Your Password? Click Use Your Password Reset Disk to launch the Password Reset Wizard.

Keep in mind that the Password Reset Disk only works on the computer on which it was created. In addition, within a domain environment, the Password Reset Disk will only allow you to gain access to the local computer. You'll still have to ask your domain administrator to change your domain password in order to regain access to the network.

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