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Get SP2 on CD for free


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Get SP2 on CD for free

Microsoft has been pushing Windows XP Service Pack 2 via Windows Update ever since it was released back in August. However, unbeknownst to most folks, SP2 is also available on CD for free. All you have to do is fill out the order form on the Windows XP site, and Microsoft will send you the CD for free. Not only is the CD free, but there's no shipping charge either.

While the information on the order page states that it may take approximately 4-6 weeks for shipping, many people are reporting that they received their CDs within a couple of weeks.

And, best of all, installing SP2 from the CD is a snap. You just insert the CD, wait for Autostart to kick in, and then just follow the onscreen instructions. Another benefit is that you can install SP2 easily on multiple PCs without having to download it via Windows Update on each PC.

You can also download Service Pack 2 from Microsoft. This is the network install package for IT Professionals but it works fine for users that have more than one computer. You can burn it to disk or just install over your home network. If you have a broadband connection this is a good option. If you're on dialup use the CD offer, the download is 270+ Mb's!

Available here.

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