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Get more information from Task Manager


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Get more information from Task Manager

Windows XP's Task Manager is a very useful tool when it comes to troubleshooting problems. Not only does it help you terminate hung applications, but it also provides you with detailed information about all the processes currently running on your computer.

When you select the Processes tab, the default detail view displays four columns of information about each process:

• Image Name: The name of the process.

• User Name: The user who started the process.

• CPU: The percentage of the CPU's capacity that a process is currently using.

• Mem Usage: The amount of memory the process requires to perform its job.

While these four columns provide you with a basic idea of the process and how it affects the system, you can customize this display with your choice of 21 other columns to get even more detailed information. Here's how:

1. Pull down the View menu and choose Select Columns.

2. Select the check boxes adjacent to the columns you'd like to add.

If you're unsure of the type of information that a particular column displays, access Task Manager Help Topics from the Help menu and search for the term "Process counter column headings." This will open a page with detailed descriptions of each column.

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