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Fast User Switching


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Fast User Switching

Fast User Switching can be a very handy feature. It lets you switch among users without logging off. To enable it, open the User Accounts applet in the Control Panel, click on Change the way users log on or off, and check the Use Fast User Switching box.

Now when you select Log Off, a Switch User option appears that lets you quickly change to another account without forcing any users to close their programs. (Holding down the Windows key and typing the letter L is a speedy shortcut to the user list on the Welcome screen.)

Beware of the trade-offs, though. You should avoid running system-level utilities when another user is logged on, and if you're looking for the best performance, don't let idle accounts in the background tie up system resources. The feature is best for those times when you simply need to get in and out quickly. Also note that Fast User Switching does not work if your computer is a member of a network domain.

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