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Extend security options beyond Simple File Sharing


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Extend security options beyond Simple File Sharing

Simple File Sharing is helpful to inexperienced users, but many advanced users find it too limiting. In fact, you can take advantage of more flexible editors if you disable Simple File Sharing.

Right-click on a file or folder, choose Properties, and select the Security tab. Here are some features available on the Security tab that aren't available with Simple File Sharing:

• Assign individual permissions, such as Read, Write, Modify, and Full Control for every user and/or group.

• See fine-grained permissions for each file.

• Change the permissions on all child objects and prevent the inheritance of permissions from the parent.

• Enable auditing and thus track information, including what's happening with the files and who's changing them.

• Display effective permissions for a user and/or group on each file and/or folder.

• Display and change ownership of files and folders.

In addition, you'll find the following options on the Sharing tab:

• Provide a comment for the share.

• Specify the maximum number of users that are allowed to access the share at the same time.

• Set individual permissions for each user and/or group.

• Configure caching settings for clients using the shared folder from the network.

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