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Configure performance options to fit the computer


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Configure performance options to fit the computer

Windows XP includes several features to increase performance. However, some features actually cause your computer to run much slower, especially if your computer is older and doesn't have state-of-the-art components.

There are two places where you can disable various performance-related settings. Right-click the desktop and select Properties. On the Appearance tab, click Effect. If you have an older computer with a slower graphic card, you'll probably want to disable these options:

• Use The Following Transition Effect For Menus And Tooltips

• Show Shadows Under Menus

• Show Window Contents While Dragging

Another set of performance-related settings is located in the System Properties dialog box. Right-click the My Computer icon and select Properties. On the Advanced tab, click Settings under the Performance option.

For Visual Effects, you can select from three predefined options--automatic, best appearance, and best performance--or manually enable/disable each individual setting. It's a good idea to leave the default settings on new computers, but you should alter the settings on older, slower computers.

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