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Check the status of shared resources


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Check the status of shared resources

If you're running Windows XP on a peer-to-peer network, you may occasionally want to check the status of shared resources. For example, it's possible to see what files users currently have open.

This procedure is quite easy in the Shared Folder section of the Computer Management MMC tool. Open the Start menu, right-click My Computer, and choose Manage. Expand the Shared Folders branch of the System Tools tree.

Once you open the Shared Folders branch, you'll see the following three items:

• Shares: This provides a Details view of all the shared resources on the system.

• Sessions: This provides a Details view of all the network users who are currently connected to the computer.

• Open Files: This provides a Details view of all the open files on the computer.

These three views contain several columns, with a breakdown of each connection.

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