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Introduction to Basic Networking


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Some people think that setting up a network in their home is a painstaking, agonizing, troublesome, technical task that they would rather not partake in. This simply is not the case anymore.

There are many reasons why a person would like to setup a basic network. These reasons range from sharing multimedia, playing games, sharing a single printer, or most commonly, sharing a high speed internet connection.

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Very nice short read. Good work, boss.

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I never trust anyone who claims setting up a network is easy for everyone, I know from painful experience that it can be a simple or a soul-destroying task depending on the machines and configuration.

From 3DVelocity.com

Obviously he didn't read the article before making the comment. Never the less, I am unscathed. Setting up a "BASIC" network is easy, and will remain easy. Once you stretch the bounds of BASIC you then call it something else. That something else is something we are not going to get into, because if you are going to tackle this task... you should have some pc experience.

I have setup "Basic" networks in a matter of minutes! Soul-destroying... I think not.

Besides, this is an "INTRODUCTION" to "BASIC" networking.

To write an exact how-to tutorial on setting up your network would be near impossible because every brand is different.

Don't be scared... jump in the water... its nice!

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