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Review: Wacom Intuos2 4"x5" Tablet USB


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Product Name: Wacom Intuos2 4"x5" Tablet USB

Date: Monday, November 18, 2002

Author: Iroc

Provided By: Wacom Technology Corp.

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The Wacom Intuos2 4"x5" Tablet will enhance your experience with many programs not just graphics applications.

Out of the box

Each of the items included are colored in a two tone dark purple and light gray.

The tablet has a 4" x 5" screen area outlined with a silk screened line and eleven programmable buttons along the top. These buttons are printed on a transparent overlay which lifts for tracing papers and photos. The weight along four rubber feet are enough to keep the tablet from shifting around your desk while you work and the eight foot usb cord will allow you to position it anywhere, even reclining back in your chair. While you are working a small red and green led gives you visual feedback of your pen and mouse actions.

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Good job Iroc. Looks like a pretty nice product for those that may have some artistic talent. Which leaves me out. :roll:

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haha just this after not knowing we did a review an this. I have a question though, - i have tried to use a wireless mouse before an i hate the response i get sometimes, especially in video games (didnt expect more). do you have to use the mouse ALL the timem, or can i still use my Laser mouse i have now?

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