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Formatting memory card for MP3 player?


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:) Hi all~~

This is my first post at this web site,,so sorry if this is a dumb question. But thats what your here for , right? :P

I got an Mp3 player for x-mas,,Rca Lyra(64mb) It works ok,,doesnt hold alot,,but i bought a mem. card (256mb) & i dont know HOW to format it?..do i even need to? I cant even send rca.com am e-mail b/c they dont accept canadian e-mail. :angry:

When the mem.card is IN the player,,it wont even turn ON. Any suggestions?


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Bruceleeon did a review on this. He probly knows.

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Thanks bruce,,but i cannot access that website.. :angry: I'll try again later)

I would be very grateful if you could forward this to rca.com

I have the RCA,lyra(64mb) Mp3 player. I bought a mem card (256mb) but cannot get it to work!

In the instruction book it says to format memory go to programs>personal audio player>format media.

Well...there IS NO format media on my computer. How do i find it?

Also when the mem card is in the player i cant even get it to turn on! any suggestions?



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Is that toll free? :)

I un-installed, re-installed, re-booted, upgraded with firmware, hmm well i tried to,,i waited over 10 minutes to SEARCH 4 devices ,,I finnally gave up.

I am pissed & tired of playing with this stuped thing.

I just need a break~~~

Thanks for your help.


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