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Soundblaster Rules


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It's almost there, but there are some issues:


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Very interesting:


Creative's CMSS technology can create a 5.1 "remix" of any audio source irrespective of how many channels it has (one, two, four, etc.). To be clear, this is not a Dolby Digital encoder, but rather Creative's own proprietary implementation.

Considering USB 1.1's limited bandwidth, latency, and top-down master/slave architecture, one could make a compelling argument that it's an ill-suited place to work with audio. USB's 12Mbits/sec maximum bandwidth would theoretically allow for eight uncompressed CD-quality audio streams encoded as 44KHz/16-bit/two-channel stereo PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) streams of 1.4Mbits/sec each. But no bus is 100% efficient, so assuming about 75% efficiency, you're looking at six simultaneous streams. And it's probably fewer, because we've heard USB protocol is 50-60% efficient in many scenarios.

A painless installation is posited as one of Extigy's strongest selling points for the innards-averse set, and on this point, Extigy by and large delivers. Windows XP initially recognized the device as a USB audio device and attempted to install XP's own default driver for that hardware type. Creative's docs advise to cancel out of this and instead run Extigy's installer disc, which installs Extigy's drivers along with its bundled apps. After the install ran, the Extigy was up and running sans reboot. The set o' bundleware is pretty standard bill of fare

For those that want some jist...hehehe
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My last sound card purchase, I went with the Hercules Game Theater XP. Very nice and zero compatibility problems!


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the USB part i dont get, is there any need for it unless your in a laptop and want desktop style sound? (and the mobility of the laptop)

nonetheless, id rather get an internal type sound just to save desk space. does the USB do any lag when playing high intensity games etc? like run adaware and play UT2003.

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the 512 is nice, but its dated, I am one of those guys that has to have the "latest and greatest" of everything.  Hence the new system being built
Ditto, on that Bro! I love new stuff and so do my Credit Card companies! :lol:
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