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Newbie WC


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Im not the one with all the answers, but what set-up are you running? SOmeone would need more info to what kinda specs, heat, and maybe temp reading for the best answer.

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Is this your first time setting up a WC system? If so, I have a few suggestions.

1. You might want to go with a kit - Get everything you need, then down the road, you can change things out to meet your needs.

2. There are some realy nice radiators designed specifically for PC needs now. Danger den just introduced at HUGE radiator that is designed for the PC and is drilled for 3 120mm fans.

3. What kind of tubing are you going to use? Are you going with 3/8, 1/2, 3/4. Depending on your decision you might have to buy adapters, defeating the purpose of your decision.

4. Have you decided on a pump? - Relates back to #3.

5. Do you want to used a closed circuit or are you going to use a reservoir.

More to come.

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There are a couple of pumps I like

Swiftech MCP350™ 12 VDC Pump: http://www.swiftnets.com/products/mcp350.asp

Hydor (Seltz) L30 II pump: http://www.crazypc.com/Merchant2/merchant....oduct_Code=9338

C-Systems CSP750: http://www.c-systems.ca/

I personally have an MCP600.

I go Pump-->VGA-->CPU-->Radiator-->Res-->Pump

I was really restricted to the flow of the system because the radiator was added well after the system was completed. I am working on a rebuild soon that will incorporate two pumps.

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RB, how is the setup in the Koolance configured? I think that it wouldn't really matter if the Radiator and Res. were switched in position. I personally use the Res after the Rad because as its cooled, its then stored and cooled via ambient before hitting pump. I don't see how it would be affected either way, logically that is.

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Koolance is Res-Rad-CPU-GPU-HDD and res again. The pump is inside the resevoir.

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