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Gigabyte Creates 915P Motherboard With SLI


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This looks pretty interesting. What do you all know about this?

With NVIDIA's recent SLI launch, the graphics market is buzzing with excitement. Even though only some of the latest games really take advantage of the dual 3D capabilities now, the option of using two graphics cards at once offers both new upgrade paths and a nice way of improving the visual experience.

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Seems good but I can barely afford one high end graphics card........two seems a bit out of reach

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Mehh... toms :D

His benchmarks are mostly useless. SLi can actually hurt performance if used at low resolutions. Only when you get into 16x12 does it really shine. It would be great to see some benchies at even higher rez’s but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. When used properly SLi can offer over a 70% increase (also depends on the game and rendering mode, AFR vs SFR).

Obviously if you are just a average gamer this is severely overpriced hardware, much like a FX or EE processor. If taken advantage properly it will deliver.

SLi still has some obstacles ahead of itself. Drivers being the primary one. SLi, while hardware oriented, relies solely on the drivers. This means you will have many more compatibility problems over a single card.

Pros and cons all around. If they handle the drivers for the products life cycle properly then Nvidia pulled it off.

ATI has also mentioned that they are going to do something “similar” to sli, it should be compatible with any graphics card so we shall see how well the pull it off.

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