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Sound Card Brings DVD-Audio to the PC


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With the Audigy 2, Creative had a tough act to follow: themselves. Only a handful of new consumer-focused sound cards have shipped since the release of the Audigy last year. So what does Creative do for an encore? Take the existing Audigy recipe, add in a touch of DVD Audio, a dash of 6.1 Dolby Surround EX and a big scoop of THX certification to come up with the Audigy 2. 

Just like with the original Audigy, there are going to be three versions of the Audigy 2. The standard gives you just a 6.1 capable sound card, and bundled software, while the Platinum version adds a 5-1/4" drive-bay I/O box for connecting external audio and MIDI devices. A Platinum eX version will ship in the coming weeks that features an external breakout box with a few more I/O options than the Platinum. 

Extreme Tech

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Very nice. I wouldn't mind having one of these to tweak. Hhhmmm, there's an idea.

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