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Spire - CF107-NEB - External HDD Enclosure


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As our society finds the need to become "on the go," mobile storage solutions needs become more of a necessity than a luxury. As this need develops, companies continue to offer us products that could suit our needs. These products range from the "pre-packaged" deals, like some offerings from Maxtor (3000LE reviewed here), to external enclosures, like the Bytecc ME-320x (reviewed here), for the more technical of consumers. Spire also seems to think that they have an answer to the riddle of mobility. Enter the CF107-NEB.

The CF107-NEB is an external enclosure made to be versatile. It can not only house a 3.5" HDD of up to 300 gigs in size but it can also aid you in your need for an external CD/DVD recorder. When I say an HDD of any size, I mean that you are only limited to what your budget allows (outside of operating system limitations); if you can only afford a 10 gig HDD then you have a 10 gig external storage solution. If your wallet is feeling a little heavy and you feel like owning 250+ gigs of empty space, then feel free to slap it inside this USB 2.0 enclosure and go to your buddy's house to pillage his MP3 collection.

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Good work, my man.

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