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First look at BTX


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anadtech has got an article with the whole working case, mobo cpu of the btx (the next version of mobo standard proposed by intel). I have been wondering why these babies havent' yet got into the market ever since Intel announce it. I guess we will slowly see this now that there's samples to be tested.

You can read the whole article here


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Reduce heat?

It looks to me like all the CPU heat is going to be directed right at the Video card slot. With the newer cards getting hotter all the time I really don't see much of an advantage myself.

Time will tell and we will see.

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well according to anadtech, the case design leaves no hot spot (ie places where there's heat aggregating, this in term will cool the whole case. it places cpu right next to the video slot but if you look at the picture, there's a streamline of air flowing from the front of case to the end (as oppose to today's design). Of course, we need to see the final working product to make the judgement.

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