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yo guys .Someone gave me this cool idea and as usual I forgot who he was ,,huh . Well I have created "The Leftovers TM" in Cloud Raiders (Game close to Clash of clan ) . Cloud Raiders next update is about to bring "Clan wars" . So if you are interested to play game like COC ( Imo better than COC ) than Join "The Leftovers TM" in "Cloud Raiders" !!!

Well u can't join a clan until u reach lvl4 ( i.e. Keep / stronghold lvl 4 ) and this should take approx. 2 days !!

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Gave it a shot, but the game seemed to be bug out on the tutorial for me.  Apparently you're supposed to use an artillery cannon ability on a boss character.  1st shot took off 80% of his HP, but after that he took no damage, mission failed and the game froze up.  Tried it a couple times, reinstalled, etc. but no luck. :computerpunch:

Sorry sb.

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yo I m in the clan "The Unborn"....id - starbeast007 .. As I said in above post.that u got to restore clan dock which will require stronghold level 4 (I guess) so it will take 2 days approx. or if u have restored clan dock already than join our clan !!

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