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noble league rant


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Hi guys, Was just looking over the leader board standings for my empire. I was placed in the noble league (1500-2999crown). Well, I see that the shim in first place has 6235 crowns. Second place shim has 2980. As I said, the crown range for this league is 1500-2999 crowns. So basically this shim is locked in to win the 165 gold payoff. Was just wondering if you guys had any thoughts on this matter. Also, do you think we could have anything done about it by the devs? Obviously its a mistake, just wanted to vent my concern.......

                                                                                                                             Plushysky94041 LO3

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sure does look like shims are purposely loosing crowns to be at the top of the next league if they cant win. I do not think there is any way of averting this for Developers. Seasonal advantages would be the way to go since there is no other long term rewards for leaderboards.

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