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question about MBM 5 program


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I just install Motherboard Monitor 5 on my Asus A7N8X E-Deluxe. It shows my CPU temp is 42C, case temp is 28C, and CPU diode is 0C. My question is what is CPU diode? and what temp is ok for CPU diode?

In addition, can I disable CPU diode that displays on my system tray? I just want CPU and Case temp on my system tray. Thank you

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Under temps click the visuals button on the right hand side and on the top drop down menu labeled “MBM 5 sensor” select the last CPU entry (there is 2) then uncheck “Display temperature in the system tray”. This should be it, it is the blue one correct (assuming you didn’t change anything).

I think your board uses a different sensor than the default selection for that particular reading.

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